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I've seen so many young shibes who need help.  This is my attempt to cover all the basics and get any noob shibe up to snuff!

What is doge?

Dogecoin is a new cryptocurrency.  It is the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever. Wow.


Such beauty.

How is 'Doge' pronounced?

Dough-g, like vogue or rogue.

How do I get doge?

You can mine (see below), accept payments to your wallet (see below), sell on the dogemarket, buy on an exchange, or beg.

What can I do with doge?

You can buy stuff, tip people on reddit, play roulette, invest, donate to a good cause, and more!  More and more services and goods are being made availible in dogecoin every day!  You can buy advertising (wow such pixels).

How do I tip doge on reddit?

First register then send some coins to the address registered to you. Simply respond to a post or comment with +/u/dogetipbot DOGENUMBER doge where DOGENUMBER is how much you would like to tip.  They will get a pm from dogetipbot with instructions on how to get their doges.  If you have questions or problems with dogetipbot look here.

What is a wallet?

Your wallet is where you keep the information needed to access your doges.  It is wise to encrypt it with a good, long, random password.  If you lose the password you lose all the doges in your wallet, so be careful!  You can download the wallet here.

How do I get paid in doge?

Simply go to your 'Much Receive' tab in your wallet, make a new address, and give this address to the person you would like to pay you, or publish it on your website.

What is a paper wallet?

All your wallet contains is the private keys needed to access the dogecoins.  You can write these down on paper and use them later to access your coins.

How can I help Dogecoin?

Tell people about Dogecoin! Give them doge! Tip people on Reddit! Mine doge! Develop doge apps and services! Sell something for doge! Wow, such options! You can join our development effort by logging into the IRC if you have any web/programming skills.

My dogecoin wallet says "out of sync," what gives?

Your wallet needs a copy of the blockchain to verify how much doge you have.  Just wait for it to sync, eventually it will and you will have up to date information.


Wow! What riches!

How can I mine doge?

So... you want to be a rich shibe? To begin, register for a pool.

If you have an AMD card

First, download cgminer (you have to use a version before 3.8 for dogecoing digging; i use 3.7.2).  Go to your pool and make a new worker. Make a new file in the same directory as cgminer, call it wow_such_dig.bat, and open it up to edit it.  In the file put:

cgminer --scrypt -o PoolUrl -u UserName.WorkerName -p Password -I 12

Replacing the bold words with the settings from your pool. The PoolUrl can be found by clicking on Getting Started in your pool. Save and close the file, then run it.  If this works you should see cgminer load up and give you a kH/s.  You can try increasing -I to 13, 14, 15 etc until it stops working or your computer is less responsive than you'd like.

If you have a nVidia card

First, download cudaminer.  The newest version has up to 30% higher hashrates. Wow. Such hashings, many rates.  Go to your pool and make a new worker. Make a new file in the same directory as cudaminer, call it wow_such_dig.bat, and open it up. In the file put:

cudaminer --scrypt -o PoolUrl -u UserName.WorkerName -p Password 

Replacing the bold words with the settings from your pool. The PoolUrl can be found by clicking on Getting Started in your pool. Save and close the file, then run it. If it works you should see it write a new line every so often with either (yay!) or (boo!) and your hashrate.

Help! Cudaminer is closing right away! 

Try add ing -T to the end.

I got an error about an unkown command!

Try --algo=scrypt instead of --scrypt.

For Linux

In linux open up a terminal, go to your cgminer folder and run the following commands:

./cgminer --scrypt -o PoolUrl -u UserName.WorkerName -p Password -I 12

What is a pool and how do they work?

A pool organizes many small shibe diggers.  When the pool finds a block (new dogecoins) they then split up the new coins to each digger (miner) in accordance with how much they contributed to finding that block.  The number of hashes needed to find a new block is random, but over many trials it evens out.

How should I choose a pool?

Since the number of hashes it takes to find a block is somewhat random the law of large numbers makes it so that small pools have a lot of variation in how long it takes to find blocks, and larger pools are more consistent.  If you want consistant payouts, bo to a large pool.  Larger pools may become victims of their own success, however, and may go down as a result of new diggers joining up.  At a small pool you should get the same amount of coins on average, but they will come in bursts and there will be long times without a payout.

Est. shares are the estimated number of shares until a block is found.  I've seen blocks be found in as low as 10% the estimated shares, and as high as 500%.  The smaller your pool is the more random this will be, but it should average to around 100%.

Pools I've heard are good/used myself:





Why hasn't my pool paid me any doge?

If it is a small pool, it may just be taking a long time to find a block.  Look at the est. shares.  You also might have to go to your account settings and set up a payment address and payment threshold.  Be patient, it may take time!

My account got locked! Am I being scammed?

Probably not.  If you didn't set your account to anonymous then it is likely that someone was trying to guess your password. Enough bad guesses and your account will get locked. Simply contact your pool and ask them to unlock it, then go to your account options and set your account to anonymous.

Why is my kH/s so low?

Make sure you are using --scrypt in your cgminer .bat.  Have you tried a higher intensity (-I 16, for instance)?  Maybe your card is a pile of dogeshit.  Check this page of mining comparisons for litecoin.  You should get similiar numbers for your card mining dogecoin.

Read the GPU and Scrypt READMEs that come with cgminer.  They are a really great guide for tweaking values to get more kH/s out of your card!

If you are using cudaminer follow this guide.  My new settings for my 660 ti are -H 0 -i 0 -l K5x32 -C 2 for example.

I can't get it to mine! What should a doge do?

First, make sure you set up the worker and have the correct credentials in you command.  This is usually the problem.  Even if you don't think this is the problem make sure!  

Second, Make sure you ran 


In windows or


in Linux.

Third, install up to date drivers for your video card, or, try to find out what version drivers other people use. Sometimes new drivers won't work.

Fourth, if you are using cgminer, make sure you are using version 3.7.2 or lower. GPU support has been removed from newer versions.

Fifth, google it! Someone else has probably had your problem, search the web to find it.

Sixth, ask here or on /r/dogecoinmining or /r/dogemining.

Dig, doges, dig.  Dig til you hit moon.

 Then give me some coins if you want: DRi7aNJT831o9iHhNyZnMfMDtQDNHfBcqa

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